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What is Karate?

Karate is a traditional Japanese system of unarmed fight. In this sharp blows and kicks are given to pressure-sensitive points on the body of the opponent. This fight is fought often by people of all ages. Now-a-days karate is becoming a very dominant art. People use techniques like punching, different striking even some open-handed techniques. In modern days grappling, throws, joint locks, restraints, and vital-point strikes are also used and taught.  All the martial arts flourished between 1960 and 1970 because of martial movies. The art of karate also excelled in this age. Basically, the word “karate” is used for many hits and strikes like blow etc. There are various schools which offer karate classes but the best one is ours which is situated at Glendora, California.

Why people do this art?

People do karate because, it has very wide significance in daily life. People gain physical strength by doing this art. It is a kind of exercise. Not only they excel in physical and mental strength but they also learn various techniques such as jumping, punching, blowing etc.

Kids Karate California

Why kids should do this?

They are equally important for kids. The interesting thing is that children of three years start learning this art, yet six is the ideal age for kids who want to know this art. This art instills discipline in kids. kids are disciplined in such a way that they feel proud of their selves.  This art tells them to remain concentrated. In this art, there are only blowing and punching which leads a child to remain concentrated and focused. A kid’s only focus is in defeating the other one. It keeps one’s body and mind both concentrated and focus. It reduces aggressiveness in a kid. A kid learns to bear hardships. He learns how to control himself and not to exert pressure. Kids also take interest in this art because they instinctively like fight like things. Learning karate will make him live in the world which is even full of aggressive people. It is beneficial for all the kids and they succeed in their future life. It tells kids how to fight with the adverse situation and how to handle any sort of situation. Kids are able to decide when to hit and when to wait. They learn all these things through classes. The classes are offered in different places. But the wise decision is to choose SampaKick boxing at Glendora.

Why SampaKick Boxing Glendora?

Parents should choose a nice place for their kids for they want their children excel in the field concerned. Glendora is the one which offers a very suitable environment for kids to participate in such activities. They provide kids with the environment in which they can do such things in a better way. If parents are interested to make their kids as karate masters, then they are requested to join us. Join us today to get perfect results.


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