What are Martial Arts?

The term Martial Arts is derived from the Latin language which means “Arts of Mars”

Martial arts are the system and tradition of battle practices. It is originated from a system in Europe in 1550. After that, the term was associated with the fight by Eastern Asia. Such fights are practiced for various reasons.

Martial Arts are used in various fields:

Some people use them for self-defense. Some use them in military and law enforcement fields. Others use them for mental and spiritual development as well as entertainment. They can be also used in the preservation of a nation’s intangible cultural heritage. Martial arts have a wide range of scope in daily life. They are important physically and spiritually. Even some monks and nuns use them as well.

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It’s significance:

They are important in one’s daily life and so is the case with kids. They are important for kids in many respects. The most obvious and practical reason is that it makes a kid active in his daily life. He is strong enough to face anything while practicing this art. There are many other practices, which keep a child active, but every child is not fit with athletics or other game, this art is useful in many aspects. Next, every parent dream that their children remain concentrated and comfortable. This art gives a child these both the opportunities. This art never lets a child divert from his aim. It constantly helps one to remain focused and keep adjusted. A child, with this art, will learn taking hits and to get back. He will realize the hitting of things, literally and metaphorically. He learns the art of when to hit and when to get yourself back. This attitude is absent in many children while this art gives this quality abundantly. When a child will participate in this art he will acquire self-confidence and self-respect. It gives exposure to a child to fight with youngsters and elders which inculcate humanity and respect in a child. Similarly, a child, getting respect, also realizes that he is not an ordinary guy. This helps in increase of self-confidence.  Martial arts help in creating unity in mind and body. They keep mind and body in harmony. Kids can also construct emotional awareness through this art. Children learn to resolve various conflicts through this art. This art gives practice to children to solve problems. The most significant thing regarding this art is that it helps one to take breathe properly. Speaking literally. This art can save one’s life. At times adults are also unable to breathe properly.

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